The stagnation of the economy will continue until the illusion of the two party system is destroyed.

The economy stagnates.  The unemployment numbers worsen. The question on everyone's lips is how long will this last.  People want to know what it is going to take to get this economy back on track

People understand the national debt is a problem.  They probably don't realize that it began its parabolic ascent only after its gold backing was removed. (more here) The average person doesn't have time to look into these things.  What's more important is their own situation. Do they have a job?  Will they keep it?  They realize now that Obama was no savior, but the immediate issues at hand for them involve their own finances.  Why are prices rising they wonder  They do their grocery shopping and the bill is going up.  The government's crafted statistics for inflation are irrelevant.  What matters to them is what they can see with their own two eyes.  The same amount of money buys less.

Politics are discussed casually.  Usually the candidate who is attractive and addresses our concerns wins some praise.  People who are worried about their jobs and higher prices will notice when a candidate mentions  their items of concern.  Heck, so and so knows our pain, they must have the answers.  He or she says they have a plan.

The pattern repeats.  Elections come and go.  Nothing changes.

The reason for the pattern of disappointment lies in the illusion of the two party system.  The left is supposed to be compassionate.  It favors government spending to provide a safety net for the disadvantaged among us.  The aura of compassion extends to a general feeling of non violence in matters of war.  The right on the other hand is deemed a friend to business.  That big business, and the American spirit of capitalist growth has made the world a better place they say.  The right feels justified in spreading the American ideals abroad by having a strong military presence globally.  To the right, war, while not desirable, is a sometimes necessary evil.

At first blush there seems to be a healthy ebb and flow of government priorities as one party in is power and then the next.  People are told if they are unhappy with the state of affairs they can vote the bums out and the opposing party will change things.  The presidents and congress of late typically engage in one or two dramatic bone crunching leaps forward in the size and power of government early in their term.  The Afghan/Iraq wars and government run health care (Obamacare)are the two most recent.

The facade of the two party system fades away after a change in leadership.  While providing great soundbites curing the campaign, the previous party's massive expansion of state is never repealed.  We are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, while expanding the war zone to include Libya, Yemen, and Pakistan.  Obamacare was given a symbolic repeal by the house, but no serious effort was taken to defund it.

Government saps resources. They have nothing except what is taken from the private sector through taxation or the stealth tax of inflation caused by the Federal Reserve system.  See here for more: On top of that the government imposes immense burden on businesses with their endless rules and regulations.  In short the government is a runaway train: taxing, inflating, and burdening the private sector.

The solution is to reverse course.  Instead of changing the focus on which part of government is to expand greatest between the welfare and warfare crowds, we need to actually shrink the entire monster.  People are beginning to realize they have been had.  That is why Ron Paul is making a surge in his popularity.  He is the only real alternative to the two-headed one party system.  He has the answers to why the economy is here and how to return to peace and prosperity.  Ron Paul's own words here:

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